Public Art Proposal

3D Modeling, Digital Rendering, Community Design

I proposed a piece for the sidewalk on Dyckman Street and Riverside Drive in Manhattan, NYC. The sidewalk sliver is a perfect place for an interactive, eye-catching piece for children and adults to engage with. 

It is modeled and rendered in Fushion360.

The piece is centered around bulbous, organic forms that act as a structure. They originate from my artistic fascination with the body, and a micro world shown on a more macro scale: such as the details of a cell structure. The structures resemble mushroom houses, toad hideouts, or hollow coral that people will be able to interact with and will act as a light in the landscape of Washington Heights.

The “Mushroom Cells” were conceived from an idea about growth, newness, and the micro-changes that can make a community great. 

People can go in and out of the structures, look into them, and look out of them. The structures will be areas of semi-closed-off privacy, with openings to the outside world (the sky) to let light into the structures during the day. The structure fits into the landscape of this Washington Heights corner in a way that is offsetting the stark landscape of a geometric and course city. The organic forms offer a new interpretation of a more fluid home space for New Yorkers to exist within. 

© Copyright Hannah Witner 2021
© Copyright Hannah Witner 2021