I am currently a designer at Harrison & Star, and previously worked as a designer at Union Design and as a freelance designer.

I graduated at the top of my class with a BFA in Integrated Design from Parsons School for Design in NYC

I work on user experiences, UX/UI, digital design, branding & identity, illustration, and everything in between. 

When I'm not working I love painting.

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UI/UX  |  Branding  |  Identity

iOS app, identity, website, and logo designed for a San-Francisco-based investment app startup.


Icon Design  |  Illustration

Icons designed for the website of major real estate company's energy sector while working for Union Design.

UI/UX  |  Product Design | App Design

Reimagining of the Uber app design to be more user-friendly, simple, yet visually elegant.

iPhone App Perspective Mockup - Vol 5.jp

UX/UI  |  App Design

Reimagining of the Facebook app. 

UI/UX  |  Website Design  |  Branding

Website designed for all digital screen formats for New York-based Real Estate company. Branding and identity modified and refined while working for Union Design.


Graphic Design  |  Experience Design  |   Application Design  |  UX/UI

Street Beats is a prototype of an AR iOS application that will encourage people to appreciate, interact with, and learn about their everyday environment, that is often taken for granted, yet rich with creative history and expression.

Branding | Identity | Strategy | Logo

RED ARMY Is the only Coffee Shop that provides a Constructivist Artistic Experience through an authentic, exciting,  and artistically inspired coffee house. This is a brand project in the round.

Enamel Mug PSD MockUp.jpg

Branding  |  Strategy 

Toppl Toys is a children's toy brand  and strategy. Toppl is the only toy brand that provides a creative outlet and stimulating educational experience through well-designed, ready-to-build, 21st-century construction objects.

Branding  |  Strategy  |  Logo  |  UX/UI

A Rebranding and upgrading of a yoga studio. 

web page mockup home.jpg

Product Design  |  Strategy  |  Web Design  |  Branding  |  Identity

Ephemna is an art jewelry business founded to bring original, historically inspired, sustainable, and design-oriented statement jewelry to  its equally original customers.

Editorial  |  Layout  |  Print Design

BiT Magazine is journal for creative technologists and innovative enthusiasts. It features articles that look at the overlaps between art, design, and technology in the contemporary world. 

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Logo Design  |  Branding  |  Identity

Logo and brand designed for a sports management company while working for Union Design.


App Design  |  Infographics  |  Data Visualization  |  UI  |  UX

Interactive leasing app design for Washington DC Real Estate Development for Brookfield Properties while working for Union Design.


App Design  |  Infographics  |  Data Visualization  |  UI  |  UX

Interactive leasing app design for Washington DC Real Estate Development for Brookfield Properties while working for Union Design.


Web Screens Perspective PSD Mockup_2.jpg

Branding  |  Research  |  Presentation Design  |  Infographics

A project dedicated to an entrepreneurial vision to create an artist residency program.


Logo Design  |  Identity

An iterative Logo Design made while working for Union Design, and based on existing OC Development Management logo (below). The new logo was made to promote safety, and will be used across OC Construction sites.

Artboard 5.jpg

Digital Campaign  |  Strategy  |  Event Promotion  |  Product Design

This was done during my time working for Lowercase in Brooklyn, NYC.
This includes media campaigns, book design, and more.

Research  |  Presentation Design  |  Identity  |  Interdisciplinary Design

A philosophical exploration of consumerism and commercialism.


Photorealistic Magazine MockUp-14.jpg

Layout  |  Identity  |  Email & Social

Digital material made across platforms for the CREFC Women's Network Conference in NYC.


Logo  |  Rebrand  |  Identity  |  Packaging

A rebrand of an East Village staple.



Layout  |  Identity  |  Pitch Deck Design

Pitch deck design and presentation for Brookfield leasing, including illustration, branding, site maps, maps, and infographics.


Experiential Design  |  Environmental Design

An environmental project to accompany a digital wall in an NYC office lobby. I concepted and ideated an idea to integrate the wall installation with imagery in the Lyrical cutout in order to tell a compelling story over the span of weeks/months.




Illustrations made as a personal project.



Package Design

A design made for a dark chocolate brand based on
Matisse Drawings.


Chocolate Package Mockup_4.jpg
About Me.

Design isn’t only a career, it’s a lifestyle. It informs everything that I do.


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design, experiences, & production for brands and people.

I am a North Carolina-born, multi-disciplinary artist and designer who loves to create. I began my love of art around age 3, and have been learning ever since.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Integrated Design from Parsons School for Design in 2018 at the top of my class. I have 4+ years experience working as a designer: starting in contract and intern roles while finishing my BFA, starting my own brand, and then after graduating I worked in a small fast-paced multidisciplinary design agency, freelanced, and now work at larger NYC creative healthcare advertising agency. I am currently based between New York, NY, Charlotte, NC, and anywhere else I find myself. 

I am an interdisciplinary designer and artist who specializes with images, objects, graphics, and products, and with an entrepreneurial spirit. I set out to create iconic 

objects and images that connect with contemporary values and aesthetic visions of the modern world, and that cause constructive  dialogues. I am passionate about meaningful design that solves problems critically and creatively to tell impactful stories. At the heart of my work lies a passion for uncovering the hidden potential of materials, psychological processes, and the human condition, which I undertake in a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.

My strengths lie in my commitment to problem solving, organizational deadlines, adherence to detail, adaptivity, design thinking, iteration, and in support of all steps of the design process. I am proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, XD, etc), wire framing and UX/UI, concept and ideation, prototyping, visualization, and high-quality art production. I'm skilled in print and digital design, graphics, branding, creative strategy, illustration, product design, and all things visual language.

When I'm not working I love painting, podcasts, comedy, and travel.


Art Direction

Creative Direction

Interactive Design

Graphic Design

User Interface




Web Design






Adobe XD


After Effects









Project Vision




User Experience

Data Analysis





CMS platforms


Traditional Craft




Sculpture & 3D

Photography & Darkroom


Non-ferrous Metals


BFA Integrated Design

Parsons School for Design

Aug 2015 – Dec 2018

New York, NY

Jewelry Designer

Global Brands Group

Jun 2018 – Aug 2018

New York, NY

Package Designer &
Comp Artist Intern 

Garrett Clifford Design

May 2017 – Sep 2017

New York, NY

Union Design

Feb 2019 – June 2020

New York, NY

Harrison and Star

Dec 2020 - present

New York, NY

Freelance Designer

Various Clients

Dec 2017 – Present

New York, NY

Graphic Designer

Lowercase NYC

May 2018 – Dec 2018

Brooklyn, NY

Designer & Business Owner

Ephemna Jewelry Design

Oct 2015 - Oct 2017

New York, NY

Design Intern

Visionaire Art Publishing

Feb 2017 – May 2017

New York, NY